Main Business

Rehabilitation And Upgrading Of Railway Insfrastructure Works

The Government of Malaysia through Ministry of Transport has awarded to Hikmat Asia Sdn Bhd the contract fot Rehabilitation, Upgrading of Track and associated Works between Gemas, Negeri Sembilan (KM0.835) and Mentakab Railway Station Pahang (KM123.835) in the East Coast Sector on 6 January 2016.

The works includes maintenance of existing track, civil work, bridge strengthening work as well as the rehabilitation of existing track using recovered UIC 54kg rail, concrete sleepers track and replacement of ballast and other assosiated works.   

We have been awarded on 27th October 2005 by the Government of Malaysia to undertake the Jabatan Keretapi Negeri Sabah rehabilitation work for Infrastructure and Systems. The contract duration is 30 months and additional 24 months for maintenance for the Infrastructure works after project completion.

The scope include :
  • Upgrading existing line converting from 60lbs fishplates rails with timber sleepers to 80lbs continues  welded rail with prestress concrete sleepers
  • Installation of 24 nos point and crossing
  • New  steel and concrete bridges and culverts
  • Station buildinds and staff quaters
  • Installation of 22 Signallised Level Crossing
  • New CTC Building and onboard radio

Signalling & Communication Project Management, Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning Works

HASB has expanding it core business through recruiting local railway signaling engineers to strengthen it railway signaling and communication systems. Those engineer’s have proven knowledge with many years experience in
signaling and communication project management, design, installation, testing & commissioning with excellent track record. Our expertise shall include outdoor signaling works design and installation together with testing and commissioning works. Our subsidiary company Sysca Engineering Sdn Bhd have been awarded by Ansaldo Sdn Bhd to undertake scope of works as below.
  • To design Line Side Signaling foundation works
  • Design Checker for Signalling Between Station Circuit Drawing
  • Laying of 140 KM fibre optic cable
  • SDH Digital Transmission Network
  • TETRA Radio Network
  • Radio Bases Signalling System
  • Hybrid Solar Power System

ATP Wayside Design, Installation & Maintenance

One of the company strength is to provide services for Design & Installation of ATSS Automatic Train Protection (ATP) System. ATP system is the name of equipment used in conjunction with both railways on- board and track-side safety equipment guidance such as speed restriction, curve and gradient identification and interface with way-side signalling system which mainly used to monitor and control train speed thus ensure safety of train movement on the railway line.

Utility Services For TNB Electrical Works And Telecom (Cabling, Wiring, Testing & Commissioning Of Equipment)

Beside the Railway Signalling works, the company also caters to the electrical works such as cabling & wiring for housing, building and road.